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My first experience with Foscam gave me hope even though my first camera did not work for more then one day ,Foscam replaced it immediately un fortunately the replacement kept loosing it's WIFI connection ,after many waiting hours of time spent with several different, technicians(which I had a hard time understanding), from the modem co to my ATT internet provider , I finally concluded that it is a problem inherent with this model,and am presently sending it back for a refund.As far as talking to any technician from any electronic co, welcome... Read more

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I ordered a cable for my Baofeng radio from Foscam and paid through Paypal. I never received acknowledgement from Foscam of the order, nor a tracking number. I tried calling them numerous times and sent 4 emails to get confirmation, but received no reply for two weeks. At that point I ordered a new cable directly from Baofeng and had a tracking number within a few hours. I complained to Paypal to try to void the transaction (if in fact it had gone through), but of course they just said they would "investigate". Several weeks later I did... Read more

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I bought camera systems for 3MP and paid a good price for it at amazon. they send me a different system and claimed, this is the systems worth the money I paid. In case I don't want it, I can give it back and get my money back. What ? However, I wanted the camera system which I ordered but never got it. Now I am sitting on this lousy camera system which they send me and am going to fight with them. My lawyer is on it. I am so pissed how they treat their customers. Now what can I say. It is a shame how they treat their customers if they do not... Read more

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I placed my Foscam order using the free shipping option (5-10 business days), huge mistake. I think! They say that ALL orders ship in one business day. Surprise! They don't ship until you email and complain that the order status hasn't changed in over a week. Don't waist your time calling because the hold music will drive you insane, and when you actually talk to a human they will be of no help what so ever. In addition to not receiving my shipment I now have a crack habit because of their hold music. This company really doesn't care... Read more

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Currently been online for a couple of hours trying to buy Foscam products and give them money, but they just keep passing me around online from advisor to advisor; or is it the same person with various IDs, I'm not sure? With one of these ignorant most unhelpful people, I even had to convince her that the product I want to buy has not been discontinued; they don't even know their products. In the 5 minutes taken to write this I been transferred 4 times. Most terrible service ever, buyers beware!! Read more

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We purchased our cameras and have called the tech help desk 10 times and every time have been transferred or hung up on. We were told we had to go online and speak to someone. Not one person will respond to me unless I am saying i want to purchase a camera.. I've never been treated so bad as a customer. This is the worse company i have ever used. Please don't buy anything from them. We are returning our cameras, because no one from the company will help us. Read more

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Bought F19816P from WalMart - received in 2 days! Spent next 3 days trying to get the *** thing recognized on computer! Tried EVERYTHING available from instructions, other customer statements, even distributors online, but to no avail! Finally found someone who more or less convinced me it was toast IT's GOING BACK TODAY!!!!! DO Not Try remote Install - They promosed a 50 minute wait time! I may not have that much life left!! I will buy ANY camera except Foscam! ever again will I waste my time on them!! Read more

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Calling customer service requires too much time average hold time is 40 minutes or more. Business hour are supposed to be 0800 to 2000CT but don't try to get them on a Saturday no one answers. Sending an email is useless they never answer your questions. However, I must say that once you are patient enough to wait they usually are very helpful. I have learned to check a companies customer service line in the future before making a major purchase of a technical nature. The reason I bought my cameras directly from Foscam is that they advertised... Read more

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  • Dec 31, 2015
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Horrible the 45 minute wait and another two hour when the guy tries to figure it out and they don't have a clue I got to reset my camera every month sometimes you get somebody smart and they do it in 5 minutes sometimes they do it in 2 hours sometimes they can't even get the job done do not buy Add comment

We bought two 9805s, and were assured by Foscam that they'd be fine for outdoor use in Canada's climate. We also ordered power cords and they sent the wrong ones, but insisted that I pay the return postage. That was a sign of bad things to come. The cameras didn't last two seasons and are now dead. The app is buggy and freezes. Any upgrades require the cameras to be unmounted (hugely inconvenient) and brought indoors to LAN update. The software was not user friendly and as so many others have mentioned, it's not compatible with pretty... Read more

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