Bought an $85 Foscam web cam through Ebay. More than 14 days passed from the time I bought it till the time that I couldn't get it working so the seller on Ebay was within his/her rights not accepting a return.

I turn to the manufacturer of the camera (Foscam) who will not furnish technical assistance or replacement for any webcam not purchased through them directly because they contend that there are many knockoffs to their cameras. That's BS especially since the camera itself and the packaging have detailed descriptors of who manufactured it.

So now I have an $85 paper weight. Foscam is a FosScam.

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Bought 4 new FI9821Ps last summer. They STOPPED working 2 weeks ago.

Their "support" page pops up a chat window every couple of minutes. Its a SALES chat. Their SUPPORT chat is always down. Trying to download firmware updates is a JOKE.

I had to re-sign up with my email address (which of coarse they now spam me with offers for their POS cameras). Then, clicking the link to do the actual download, pops up a "WARNING" page telling you about the risks involved if you install the wrong update. BUT, the popup never goes away, and you can't click on any download link! WTF!!!!

I'm going out of my way to warn ALL my friends and anyone else who'll listen. SAVE YOUR MONEY!!

DO NOT buy any foscam product. They are JUNK and so is the company.

Jamaica, New York, United States #921673

The company representing Foscam in Houston, TX is a joke! Slow to ship, forget about calling (phone support, yeah right...) and they're greedy regarding 10% restocking fee even if you return within 30 days unused in original packaging!

People are better off buying through Amazon with Prime, etc.

The Chinese Foscam company is actually pretty about technical support.

Although, language barriers can often confuse things I've experienced very good and effective email tech support from Foscam China.

Avoid the greedy, lazy, jerks in Houston, TX and you should be happy with Foscam IPCams...


If you purchase these camera thru sellers other than Foscam.us, Foscam Digital Technologies LLC, or sold by Amazon, chances are they are not genuine Foscam cameras.

I've purchased 7 FI8918W block cameras from these 3 sellers. All work fine.

I had a FI8910 from Foscam.us that didn't work properly. They eventuall did accept the return and refunded the $.

What seller did you purchase this from?

Houston, Texas, United States #603215

The company sucks. I feel like product is a knockoff.

I just hope a big company like Samsung comes out and destroys these idiots that think that Foscam is going to be the best in the world. I own 2 and I haven't received a tech support and I heard that the tech support is really really bad.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #585156

These cameras are made in China and branded Foscam. Then sold in the U.S.

So, yes... there are knockoffs!

Foscam only offers support if you purchase from there company/website. Strange.

to Mike_mn Denver, Colorado, United States #970200

Their policy states that they only offer support if you buy direct however, there still isn't anyone there who can or will do anything to help. They only exchange empty emails that ask if you've tried rebooting or updating the software. There is no real support.


Ordered two of the new higher end cameras, neither would connect to wifi, tried multiple networks.I am network admin. This company sucks...........

you can never get a real person. I ordered 2 replacements of a different model and sent email for return as instructed.

No reply to my email but they sure took my money again for the cameras. Scammers sales people watch out.

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